"Evil triumphs when good men do nothing." ~Thomas Jefferson

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Our Team


Our amazing team of regulars and part-time volunteers are committed to helping others. We take our convictions and turn them into action. Think you would be a good fit? See our form below for more information!

Our Inspiration


  We are inspired to make a difference by restoring hope in the fellow man to prove as a strong fortress for the broken to come to when they are weak without judgement. We desire to end homelessness due to a disability or injury, especially from an on the job accident or domestic abuse. 

Our Mission


 The mission of The G52 Movement is to provide another chance to those who have experienced a life-altering trauma by giving them assistance in getting back on their feet again to live a joyful and purpose-driven life.  

Our Orgin



The G52 Movement was founded to make a difference in the percentage of statistics of individuals who become homeless from a life-altering trauma. Many individuals experience disabilities following an accident and are terminated from employment which can lead to homelessness and loss of purpose. For individuals who are waiting for social security hearings, the G52 team meets with them (and their families if applicable) to help with a game plan to receive the necessary services. The purpose of the G52 Movement was not just to help individuals with the tools they need, but to also provide hope. Without us, these individuals would not be able to survive as most slip through the cracks and fall into a cycle experiencing homelessness and what can be described as “never-ending doom.” 

Many times, therapies are cut off too soon and patients are not better. We refuse to allow any more people to experience death and loneliness from a trauma that altered their life. 

We will have a volunteer group of physical therapists, counselors, occupational therapists, nurses, life coaches, physicians and speech therapists who are willing to volunteer time in giving needed services. In upcoming years, we will open opportunities for students to come learn our philosophy and gain volunteer hours for graduate school applications. Our vision of strong  partnerships with universities and the community will allow for more help for individuals who need assistance. Graduate students enrolled in health care fields will be given opportunities to practice under the supervision of a licensed professional. This will be completed as by the agreement with the medical school or university enrolled. 

Our goal is to provide each volunteer with a new perspective and call-to-action to help the world around them.  Compassion is the foundation for success. 

Each client will be followed from start to finish. If a client comes in and they are homeless, we will help them utilize other non-profit services to ensure they get everything they need to succeed with various established partnerships. Volunteer life coaches will meet with them in effort to keep them motivated. If a fresh injury has happened, volunteers will help get the family and patient get plugged into all the services the community provides.

 A crucial component in helping individuals with trauma is by educating the community around them. The better the community understands the need, the more we can achieve. 

As we grow, we dream of purchasing properties throughout the valley as a shelter to help the need for beds for homeless shelters.

The primary focus on this nonprofit is to break the cycle of poverty and to get these individuals back into employment and a purpose-driven life. 

The 3 programs you can get involved in:

1) Trauma Awareness: 

Volunteers travel to schools, churches, businesses, employers, etc..  to educate them on how to respond to trauma and help them know the g52 movement exists.

2) The Roger Project:

In honor of Roger Steele, this project is estimated start 2023 purchase properties and renovate to accommodate disabilities for those who are homeless. Another goal within the next 5 years is to provide shelter for those who are homeless who have been rejected by shelters due to overcrowding. 

3) The Mended Roof:

Volunteers to spend time with individuals who have not lost their home, but they are struggling. If therapy services are cut off, licensed volunteers can provide group or individual sessions to help rehab the individual back to work. 

Life coaching will be provided to programs 2 and 3. The volunteer life coaches will keep in contact with each person registered in our database.

Each client will establish a “Plan-to-Purpose” in which the client and organization outline what needs to happen for the client to gain employment. Our hope in following years is to provide host homes from people in the community who are willing to allow a person to stay with them until they are financially able to get an apartment or another living arrangement. 

We are different than most organizations because we understand the frustration and confusion following a trauma.

 “It’s not just about doing good, it’s about making sure good leads to great.  The difference is in the attention to detail and following through on promises. It takes incredible commitment, but anything that’s worth doing in life is going to require more than just your time, it will take your heart to do it right. We have to remind ourselves of our purpose and the beauty of a servant’s heart. That means providing the same quality of service to the less fortunate as you would a king.” 

It can be very difficult to navigate a system that is not accommodating to those with disabilities. You might feel alone in this, but this organization was founded because no one should ever walk alone…. especially in a storm. 

We get it and we are here to fight for you. 


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