"Evil triumphs when good men do nothing." ~Thomas Jefferson

Our Programs



Volunteers travel to schools, churches, businesses, employers, etc..  to educate them on how to respond to trauma and help them know the g52 movement exists.



In honor of Roger Steele, this project is estimated start 2023 purchase properties and renovate to accommodate disabilities for those who are homeless. Another goal within the next 5 years is to provide shelter for those who are homeless who have been rejected by shelters due to overcrowding. 

We are always looking for host homes! If you have a spare bedroom, contact us!!!! 



This program is for households who are in a financial bind due to health complications from an injury or accident. Any trauma that results in a quality of life change is applicable. Our staff will come meet with the individual and provide resources depending on the needs of the request.



Life coaching will be provided to programs 2 and 3. The volunteer life coaches will keep in contact with each person registered in our database.

Each client will establish a “Plan-to-Purpose” in which the client and organization outline what needs to happen for the client to gain independence (and employment if applicable). Our hope in following years is to provide host homes from people in the community who are willing to allow a person to stay with them until they are financially able to get an apartment or another living arrangement. 

We are different than most organizations because we understand the frustration and confusion following a trauma.

“It’s not just about doing good, it’s about making sure good leads to great.  The difference is in the attention to detail and following through on promises. It takes incredible commitment, but anything that’s worth doing in life is going to require more than just your time, it will take your heart to do it right. We have to remind ourselves of our purpose and the beauty of a servant’s heart. That means providing the same quality of service to the less fortunate as you would a king.” 

It can be very difficult to navigate a system that is not accommodating to those with disabilities. You might feel alone in this, but this organization was founded because no one should ever walk alone…. especially in a storm. 

We get it and we are here to fight for you.